We get lots of questions about these beautiful, easy plants that thrive indoors and can also grow outside in spring, summer and fall. Allow soil to dry out between waterings. Larger pots like the 8″ size take very little to no watering for months at a time indoors. The 6″ size does well with every other week watering when it’s in bright, direct light. Less often when it’s in lower light levels. Do not keep water in central cup. Light: Low to bright light indoors. Prefers humid air. Re-flowering: After flowering, bromeliads produce side shoots (offsets or pups), which may be removed while young and rooted for additional plants. Most bromeliads will flower naturally when they reach maturity; they can also be made to flower by supplying the substances that begin bud formation: for example, enclose the entire plant (with its cup empty of water to prevent excessive humidity buildup) in a plastic bag with a ripe apple. The apple gives off ethylene gas, which stimulates flowering in bromeliads. Leave the plant and the apple in the plastic bag for 7-10 days; flowers will appear in 1-2 months.

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