Poinsettia Care

Success with Poinsettias

 Remove the sleeve from your new poinsettia by placing your hand on the bottom of the pot and slowly sliding the sleeve downward or you can cut it off being careful not to damage the plant.
 Water plants thoroughly when you get them home. The entire soil area should be saturated so that water seeps through the drain hole. If your poinsettia has a decorative cover over the pot, do not allow the plant to sit in any water.
 Place it in a room where there is sufficient natural light and moderate temperatures. Poinsettias don’t like drafts so avoid placing them where sudden temperature changes will occur like near outside doorways, fireplaces or heater vents.
 Remove the cover and water the poinsettia thoroughly once every five to seven days. Elf Poinsettias every three to five days.

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