About Us

Forest Lake Greenhouses, named after the nearby lake, is a full-service retail/wholesale garden center and greenhouse specializing in blooming plant sales and production. Shrubs, trees, herbs, perennials, plant supplies (fertilizers, potting soil) clay pots, unique plant containers and statuary are also items available for sale. They enable the store to be a one stop shop for all gardening needs.

We re-pot plants for customers, design container gardens and provide carry-out service. Wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, the clean cement walkways of the retail greenhouse provide the customer with the best selection of colorful blooming plants year round.

The doors of the production greenhouses are open to the public for tours and educational purposes. Schoolchildren of all ages, handicapped children, deaf children and Clemson horticulture students have toured the facility. Tim explains growing methods and greenhouse operations to garden club members and senior citizen groups. Lisa provides space in the retail area where clubs can have meetings and refreshments. Customers are invited to free seminars and classes where guest speakers educate them on plants and the many uses for them.


Our History

Under the direction of Tim and Lisa King, Forest Lake Greenhouses began on the corner of a plowed down cornfield in the summer of 1989. Three months later, two Quonset greenhouses and a brick and metal building survived the wrath of Hurricane Hugo. For the years that followed, the business of growing blooming plants continued to grow and prosper into a full service retail nursery and garden center encompassing over three acres of land. Indoor greenhouses and outdoor plant production kept approximately twenty employees working year round. The business expanded its market base by not only servicing the local Pee Dee area, but also other garden centers throughout South Carolina. Tim, a Florence native, and Lisa are proud to be part of the Florence community as they grow their own beautiful, colorful blooming plants for all to enjoy.